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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: From which funders is information available on Resource Flows Data?
Answer: Since DAC countries provide the majority (90%) of total donor funding for population assistance, the focus of this website is on population assistance from these countries. Some aggregate figures for other donor types are available as well. These can be mainly found on the pages ‘Who funds population assistance’ and ‘ICPD targets’. More detailed information on donor funding from other donor types, such as UN agencies, NGOs and foundations is not available through the advanced pages.

The Resource Flows project also collects data on domestic expenditures for population activities in developing countries but this data is not yet available on Resource Flows Data either.

Question: Why is there no data available for this year?
Answer: One of the challenges in resource tracking is the availability of up to date figures. Unfortunately, there is a delay in the collection of data. Due to this there is a difference of about two years between the available data and today.

Question: What are the ‘Advanced pages’?
Answer: The advanced pages allow users to access more detailed information (on project level) in order to work with the data on a more detailed level.

Through the ‘advanced data downloading’ page users can download data by building tables and graphs, or by selecting data based on a query.