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Exploring global financial flows for population activities

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The Data section provides a global overview of the data collected by the Resource Flows (RF) project. Under ‘Data visualisation’ the data can be explored through tables, charts or maps, categorized by the main RF data themes. Subscribed users also have the possibility to download datasets on project level, which can be done under ‘Download data’. This function also allows you to make more specific queries on project level by use of the query wizard. Downloading the data gives data users the possibility to create their own tables and figures and to further analyse the data. 

The main tool for data collection is an annual e-mail survey. The survey collects financial data on population expenditures from donors and developing countries at the project level in the previous fiscal year.

The donor survey collects data from:

  • Primary donors: DAC countries and foundations.
  • Intermediate donors: UN agencies, international NGOs, universities/research institutes;
  • Development banks.

For DAC countries, most information is collected through the Creditor Reporting System from the OECD/DAC complemented by a questionnaire asking about additional information. Currently, this website only includes data from these donors as this information has already been made public elsewhere (on the OECD website) and no further permission is required for publishing these figures.

The domestic survey collects data on funding for population activities from developing countries and countries in transition. Using separate questionnaires data is collected about funding from:

  • Domestic governments;
  • National NGOs;
  • Total national budget.

At the moment Resource Flows Data only includes data on donor spending, particularly from the OECD DAC donor countries. Data on domestic spending will be made available in the future. For more information on the RF survey, or information about the data, visit the Help file.

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