Resource Flows Data

Exploring global financial flows for population activities

General Help

Resource Flows Data offers you several ways to help you explore the database using the Resflows Interface.

  • You may find your answer on a question in the FAQ pages . Questions and answers are covered in several topics.
  • The Resource Flows Interface is equipped with a Help file.
    It consist of several topics guiding you through several tasks.
    The help file is indexed enabling you to search the whole help file content.
  • Each page of the Resource Flows Data Interface is covered in the topic section.
  • If you have studied the FAQ pages and the help file and did not find an appropriate solution to your question
    please contact us at info @ or resourceflows @
  • You may also download the Resource Flows Code Book, Database Diagrams and other useful documentation to manage the Resource Flows Data.
  • All help tools are available under the Help button in the main menu.