Resource Flows Data

Exploring global financial flows for population activities

General Information Visitors Page

The visitor pages show ready-made figures on donor funding based on the data collected by the Resource Flows (RF) Project. The focus lies on funding from donor countries, including the members of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC),  since these countries are the main funders of population activities.

The data are categorized into five topics:

  • Where is the money going? This page shows how much donor countries have spent on each of the population categories specified by the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD): Family Planning; Reproductive Health; STDs/HIV/AIDS; and Basic research.
  • Who funds population?
    This page gives information on total international population assistance by different types of donors, and more specifically by donor countries, including the total amount individual donor countries have spent on population assistance.
  • How is assistance given?
    Funding from donors can be given to population projects in several ways, so-called 'channels'. Funding can be given directly to a project or a recipient government, but can also be given to an intermediary multilateral organization or NGO. This page shows through which channels donor countries fund population assistance, and the ICPD categories specifically.
  • Who benefits?
    This page gives an overview of population assistance from donor countries to recipient countries by region.
  • ICPD targets:
    Since one of the aims of the RF project is to monitor the financial targets set at the ICPD, this page compares actual donor funding on population assistance to the ICPD targets, indicating how much money is needed to fulfil all set population targets.

Additionally the interactive funds tracking map shows the geographical distribution of population assistance from donor countries. This map not only shows the recipient countries by donor country, but also shows the donor countries from which money was received from the point of view of receiving countries. Each page has a link to the corresponding help file for more background information on the data.